Privacy Policy

ISS supports and encourages freedom of expression and an open environment for the pursuit of knowledge. One avenue for such expression and communication is the World Wide Web.

IISS's World Wide Web presence promotes activities and educational opportunities by providing current and effective interactive communication and on-line service to a wide audience with the goals of assisting and building broad based support for the center's mission of teaching, and service.

The decentralized nature of the World Wide Web and the diverse purposes and constituencies served by the center Web sites require that as much freedom as possible be granted to those creating and maintaining Web sites. Further, the reputation and image of the center is determined, in part, by the quality of information published electronically by its students, faculty, staff, and affiliations.

Therefore, the purpose of IISS's Web Policy is to ensure accuracy, consistency, integrity, and protection of the identity and image of the center by providing a set of minimum standards and guidelines for Web sites of IISS's departments, schools, facilities, organizations, and affiliates.

General oversight of the Center's Web servers and Web pages, and policies governing the use of these resources, is the responsibility of the Chief Technology Officer and the Web Planning Committee.