About Us

The International Institute for Student Services (IISS) focuses mainly on creating knowledge capital and educational consulting. IISS serves students in the United States, as well as those from other countries who are seeking educational opportunities. For the past 15 years, IISS has provided educational advice to more than 50,000 applicants.

IISS is able to facilitate the development of undergraduate and graduate programs to offer students the most diverse and complete program available in the United Stated.

IISS also has the ability to set several distance learning sites with offices in the Middle East, Brazil, East Asia, and several African countries. Educational programs can be offered in both part or full-time through on-line distance learning.

If you want to earn a certificate or degree, or simply to enhance your work skills and experience, but you find yourself unable to attend traditional courses for one reason or another, then some of IISS programs maybe just the thing for you.

In addition, IISS is associated with highly respected and accredited American Universities that can help you obtain your degree in a timely manner. By being proctors for many schools including the following, you can reach your goal.

More importantly, the degree you earn through IISS's on-line distance learning programs will be just as credible as a traditional degree.