IISS Message

Dear Visitor,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the International Institute for Student Services web site. As you visit our web site, you will see that one of our main goals is to help students prepare for lifelong learning.

At IISS there are many things students can benefit from, including an admissions staff sensitive to personal counseling needs and responsive to your academic assessment, as well as a rich academic environment through our facilities.

IISS provides counseling, guidance, and evaluation services for current students and individuals considering further education and training. We are proud of being a global education center where students from all over the world are a vital part of our community. We continue to attract a strong applicant pool and know that the education foundation of our incoming students has been solidly built.

IISS has several strategic partnerships with universities and institutions of higher education. Through these partnerships, IISS provides educators, Universities, and students with many unique opportunities. From distance learning programs to educational agreements, IISS facilitates all aspects of the educational experience. By linking institutions with reputable schools, IISS helps provide degrees through already established and well-recognized accredited schools.

We seek excellence to preserve the standing of our centers and we are committed to being a community of scholars.

Welcome students. At IISS we take pride in our students and we are committed to ensure that your college experience is academically, spiritually, and socially significant.


Nazeer Hamadneh, Phd